• Learn the Lingo, But Don’t Be Trapped by It

    Learn the Lingo, But Don’t Be Trapped by It

    We just returned from the ATD ICE. What – you don’t know what ATD and ICE are? Did I just lose you? How about a translation? We just attended the Association for Talent Development’s International Conference and Exposition. Lucky for us, it was right here in Denver, Colorado! There were 10,000 attendees who all knew […]

  • Public Speaking for the Professional-Mark

    Could you have written this memo?

    The following is a memo to key staff people from the CEO of a major Colorado corporation. “I continue to be unhappy, as I’m sure you are, with the quality of our presentations. The material, on the whole, is excellent, reflecting well on our company and our products. “Where we fail is in its presentation. […]

  • Public Speaking for the Professional-Mark

    Programs and Topics

    Programs & Topics Topics Developing Powers of Persuasion Mastery of Podium Panic Polishing and Refining Your Delivery Skills Vocal Quality and Enunciation Analyzing Your Audiences Defining Needs and Objectives Introductions of Speakers and Presentations Organizing Information for Impact Handling Questions with Poise & Accuracy Design and Use of Effective Visual Aids Programs Customized Coaching Based […]