Presentation Skills Program

Close up photo of a microphone

Here’s the Problem

It’s 7:45. Your palms are sweaty.  
Your hands are trembling. Your stomach is turning 
somersaults. You didn’t sleep well and anxiety is building.

What if your mind goes blank?

Even something as basic as standing in front 
of a group can make your heart race.
The thought of facing a large audience
 can be a heart stopper.

It’s called podium panic, and you don’t need a podium to feel it. Millions of professionals struggle with its symptoms, regardless of job title or audience size – it’s as common in your world as the bottom line. Experience lessens the fear and anxiety for some, but that’s learning the hard way – and it doesn’t refine your delivery skills, or prepare you for the next presentation. You know what to say to a prospective client or in a department meeting. The how may baffle you – how to use your voice and gestures to persuade, how to keep their attention, how to exude just the right degree of confidence.

In our presentation skills course, we can show you how to overcome fear and anxiety, channel your energy, and develop skills that will come naturally when you are under pressure. You will learn how to communicate with both internal and external confidence.

From Good to Great

Express yourself in a way that makes people want to listen. Our goals are to ensure that your style and delivery remain authentic while you master the techniques of dynamic communication. Public Speaking for the Professional has helped thousands by transforming the communication process into a set of skills which can be acquired and polished.

Public Speaking for the Professional offers seminars, corporate training and personal coaching – all designed to increase your effectiveness.

Why be good when you could be great?

Topics covered in our Presentation Skills Seminar:

    • Mastery of Podium Panic
    • Developing Powers of Persuasion
    • Polishing and Refining Your Delivery Skills
    • Vocal Quality and Enunciation
    • Analyzing Your Audiences
    • Defining Presentation Needs and Objectives
    • Introductions of Speakers and Presentations
    • Organizing Information for Impact
    • Handling Questions with Poise & Accuracy
    • Design and Use of Effective Visual Aids

Our classes are small, allowing for personal attention to individual development. Participants learn by doing. Video-recording review, along with instructor and class feedback, adds to the learning experience.