Our Clients

Man giving speech to large audience

We have provided services to individuals, professionals and organizations for 30 years in various industries, including:

    • Attorneys
    • Engineers
    • Health Care
    • Information Technology
    • Financial Services
    • Energy Development and Distribution
    • Professional Athletes and Management
    • Trade and Professional Associations
    • Civic and Business Leaders
    • Media and Public Relations
    • Non-profit Organizations
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Real Estate
    • Transportation
    • Telecommunication


Our clients are pleased with our services and we believe you will be, too.  Read on to see what they say.

Public Speaking for the Professional was a dynamic seminar that I have recommended to colleagues and friends. Virtually anyone could benefit greatly from this course since communication and image are vital to today’s business world.”

Corporate Director
Department of Public Affairs

“Very impressed. I came to class expecting another boring lesson, just something to increase my anxiety. I came out a new person. This class has made me evaluate all interactions with clients and fellow peers. Also, I feel I can control my anxiety now.”

Software Engineer
Technical Software Development Corp.

“I’ve attended many seminars in my sales career, including several on presentation skills. This was the best! I learned many small tips I’d never encountered before – and the feedback was both gentle and powerful. Thanks!”

Global Relocation Service

“The seminar was an excellent hands-on learning experience for both novice and seasoned speakers.”

Cable Television Corp.

“One of the best investments in time and money I have ever made! The video taping, speech writing, and presentation coaching enabled me to give the most dynamic speech and shows what refining delivery skills with professional coaching will do! The training I received will carry me forward to present my ideas and communicate my agenda clearly to our members and the media.”

National President
Medical Specialty Association

“I am particularly impressed by Public Speaking for the Professional’s willingness to identify our special needs and to custom-tailor, if you will, a program that addresses those needs. The emphasis on dealing with speaker anxiety, for example, illustrates PSP’s desire to meet head-on, our major concerns. I’m looking forward to our continued association, and so do our speakers who unanimously acclaim your efforts.”

Human Resourses Manager
Community Relations
International Telecommunications Corp.