Public Speaking for the Professional

Be Ready With Your Best

Boost your confidence, polish your public speaking, improve communication with your team, and achieve your goals with our seminars, personal coaching, and corporate training.

Public Speaking for the Professional


Success in business and life requires expressing your ideas clearly and persuasively. Public speaking sometimes happens in a large conference hall in front of hundreds of people, but more often in front of a small group inside your company or in a pitch you’re making to a client or partner. Public Speaking for the Professional helps professionals become more effective by focusing on the communication process as a set of skills that can be acquired and polished. Our presentation skills classes cover everything from overcoming anxiety to improving your delivery. We’ll help you master the dynamic techniques of professional and personal communication, while retaining your own authentic style.

Personal Coaching

Increase your impact by enhancing your own unique public speaking style. Body language, listening skills, and organizational culture all play into the communication style you project. Learn to express yourself in a way that makes people want to listen. Why work with a coach? In one-on-one sessions, we can focus our attention on you and your upcoming presentation. This customized approach means you get concentrated practice and personal feedback tailored to your specific situation – on your schedule! Our confidential, individual coaching will help you develop the skills, polish and confidence so that you are always ready with your best.

Corporate Training

Professionals today spend 80% of their time communicating. Despite the profusion of digital communication in the workplace, often your most important interactions are personal: over the phone, one-on-one, in meetings, or in presentations. Yet few professionals have had the advantage of training to polish their communication skills. Do you have a team that could all benefit from stronger communication and interpersonal skills? We will come to you! Public Speaking for the Professional offers in-house training, group classes, and conference presentations.