Private Coaching – How you can benefit

Two business women at a table having a meeting.

Private coaching sessions are confidential and designed to ensure that your style and delivery remain authentic while you learn the techniques of dynamic communication. Experienced coaches assess your strengths and provide one-on-one sessions to help you increase your impact while maintaining your unique personal style – so that you are always ready with your best. Below are a few examples of Public Speaking for the Professional clients that help answer the question of who can benefit from private coaching.

  • A brilliant, innovative engineer is head of a high tech company that is about to go public. Intensive private coaching gave him the confidence he needed to effectively present his company’s new products to the various audiences he wanted to interest and persuade.
  • A young woman who had previously passed up the opportunity to become marketing vice-president of her company came to PSP for help. Because of what she called “a terrible fear of speaking before groups,” she had always removed herself from consideration for promotion. Public Speaking for the Professional coaches helped her address her anxiety, and strengthen her skills in preparation for the next opportunity.
  • Financial advisors in a wealth management firm, with advanced degrees in finance from schools such as Wharton, University of Chicago and UCLA, had great analytical skills but were weak in inter-personal communication. With PSP coaching, these advisors improved their awareness and inter-personal skills to became noticeably more effective in their work with clients.
  • Private coaching solved the specific problems of two different officers from the banking world. One, full of enthusiasm, had to learn how to promote his bank without “coming on too strong.” Recently, he chaired an important out-of-state symposium with great success. Another officer, couldn’t seem to motivate those who worked under him, PSP helped him to learn how to inspire trust and enthusiasm in his staff in subsequent meetings.
  • The slow-down in some industries has resulted in displaced professionals – men and women who must go on the offensive to search for new jobs in different fields. PSP helps with the transition by consulting on new career directions and polishing interview skills.
  • Companies that are diversifying or repositioning themselves in the marketplace engage PSP to assist their people for training to meet the requirements of an increasingly competitive global business environment.

Senior Executive Coaching

This exclusive, customized program is for top-level senior executives – those who may be called upon to provide leadership for the organization in the face of internal and external challenges.

Regardless of your career stage, coaching from Public Speaking for the Professional is personal, confidential, and highly effective! Packages of three or more sessions paid up front receive a 10% discount.