The Power of Purpose

An arrow in a bullseye with "The Power of Purpose"

The Power of Purpose is one of the most innovative personal effectiveness programs ever developed. Unlike conventional goal-setting or time-management courses, it offers a unique experiential learning process that allows you to grasp the underlying purposes that limit or enhance your ability to get things done throughout your personal and professional life.

You find out what is actually happening inside you when you set out to achieve your goals, and you uncover the hidden agendas that stop you from achieving all you seek to create.

You will learn how to define and express your own deepest life purposes, and bring these to bear on ordinary everyday tasks.

You gain a new grasp of what lies behind your power to create, envision, and achieve results that transforms your productivity and galvanizes your ability to generate the results you want.

The Power of Purpose shows you how results are actually created and gives you the power to get on purpose, and stay on purpose, every day of your life.


People on purpose are people who are focusing on specific, concrete results. They know how to connect their results with a personal vision that empowers them to maintain their focus over time.

You learn how to identify the particular issues and goals that are of significance to you, and also how to sustain your focus, no matter what happens along the way.


People on purpose are aware of their inner motives, as well as their resistances and their limitations. They know how to include this awareness in their response to new situations.

You discover how to deepen your personal awareness and apply it in action, so that the approach you use to achieve your results in constantly being sharpened by events.


People on purpose are not inflexible or rigid, nor do they rely on formulas to try and deal with unexpected or unwanted developments.

You learn to practice a willingness to let go of strategies that are not working. You learn to include the contributions of all your partners and colleagues in creating what you set out to achieve.


People on purpose turn problems into opportunities. They do not get caught in drivenness or stress, but generate creative responses to the actual conditions they are dealing with.

You learn to recognize the signs of uncreative thinking. You will practice the skill of developing spontaneous, unexpected solutions.


People on purpose enjoy what they do. Their work is a profound source of satisfaction. As a result, they manifest a powerful determination that nourishes their lives, and inspires those they connect with.

You find out how to ground all your projects in a sense of purpose that is meaningful to you. Not only that, you will experience a completely new kind of fulfillment from everything you undertake.

The Power of Purpose is a course of the More To Life program. We offer the Power of Purpose in the community, as well as in corporate settings. For related articles, check our blog.

Our next scheduled course will be in Fort Collins on Thursday evenings, from April 9 – May 14, 2020. We are prepared to hold this course as a webinar, which increasingly looks likely.

The cost is $325. You can save 10% by registering by March 31, 2020. You can save an additional 10% by enrolling with a friend. Contact us to register using a check or cash, or click here to register using a card.