We all have to make presentations – reports, proposals, budget requests, technical papers. But no matter how persuasive the material, your presentation is what sells it or keeps it from being fully understood and appreciated.

Open Enrollment 

Primarily for individuals, this intensive two-day seminar is designed for those who would like to develop or refresh their presentation skills. Participants spend 60 percent of their time on speech presentation and 40 percent in instruction, video-recording and feedback. This is very popular with goal-oriented professionals!

Corporate Training

We offer a suite of seminars depending on your company’s specific needs. Let’s talk about which ones would be right for you and your company. Contact us today.

Our classes are small, allowing for personal attention to individual development. Participants learn by doing. Video-recording review, along with instructor and class feedback, adds to the learning experience.

Questions? We’re here to help:

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