Corporate Training

Corporate Training by Public Speaking for the Professional

Do you have a group of people who could all benefit from better communication skills through a corporate training program? We have workshops and seminars for groups of six or more. 

We serve corporations, agencies and non-profits through careful assessment and customized training programs. Sometimes we teach courses to all the people in one department, and other times we work with directors, managers, or supervisors across multiple departments. Either way, people not only learn new skills, but the courses also build team cohesion. Providing corporate training increases employee engagement and improves retention.

Public Speaking

Are some employees nervous when speaking in groups? Do meetings go long because people giving reports wander off-topic or can’t seem to get to the point? Do you have colleagues that are going to be presenting at a conference and you are worried they won’t be able to handle the Q & A session? These are all great reasons to consider our presentation skills training.


Have you noticed that your team’s “soft skills” or emotional intelligence could use a little refresher? Do people at your workplace seem to butt heads with other employees or with customers? These issues can be resolved with the insights gained about one’s own personality and others’ in our personality styles courses.

Goal Setting and Time Management

Do you find the energy and motivation at your office is low? Are people having trouble meeting goals? Or perhaps their time management skills are lacking, causing stress all around? The Power of Purpose course can help!

Whether your purpose is to have well-spoken team members, a better understanding of how personality affects communication, or better goal setting and time management, we can help train your team. We also offer board retreats. Both on-site and off-site programs are available.

Ongoing consultation is available after our customized training programs to assure continued success.