Could you have written this memo?

The following is a memo to key staff people from the CEO of a major Colorado corporation.

“I continue to be unhappy, as I’m sure you are, with the quality of our presentations. The material, on the whole, is excellent, reflecting well on our company and our products.

“Where we fail is in its presentation. In the past, due no doubt to the press of time and work, we have not given the matter sufficient attention…”

Could you have written that memo? Does it reflect an area of neglect within your organization?

The memo quoted above went on to say, “Recognizing the importance of presentations to our company, I propose that we (1) set up some real standards to measure ourselves against, and (2) turn to professionals for help. We are negotiating now for public speaking classes for some of our staff, private coaching for others.

“I look forward to the time when we can call on well trained speakers in our ranks whose communication skills will measure up to the high standards we maintain in our products and services.”

In due time, Public Speaking for the Professional was called in. A study of the problem and meetings with some of the company’s principals led to a custom-structured program. Classes were held on the premises with an initial 40 men and women signed up in small groups of 10 for the course. The CEO, with an important speech to make, had private coaching that helped him organize his material and then present it skillfully, using the techniques he had learned.


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