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The Power of Purpose is one of the most innovative personal effectiveness programs ever developed. Unlike conventional goal-setting or time-management courses, it offers a unique experiential learning process that allows you to grasp the underlying purposes that limit or enhance your ability to get things done throughout your personal and professional life.

You find out what is actually happening inside you when you set out to achieve your goals, and you uncover the hidden agendas that stop you from achieving all you seek to create.

You will learn how to define and express your own deepest life purposes, and bring these to bear on ordinary everyday tasks.

You gain a new grasp of what lies behind your power to create, envision, and achieve results that transforms your productivity and galvanizes your ability to generate the results you want.

The Power of Purpose shows you how results are actually created and gives you the power to get on purpose, and stay on purpose, every day of your life.

This six-week course will run on Monday evenings from April 9 – May 14 in Fort Collins. The cost is $325 with a 10% off discount if you enroll by March 30. Another 10% off is possible if you sign up with a friend.

For more information, contact Erin Hottenstein at 970-988-5099 or

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