• Free preview evening for the Power of Purpose

    The Power of Purpose will be offered in Fort Collins on Monday evenings, 6-9pm, from September 10 to October 15. Come to this free preview evening on Monday, August 27 from 6:30-8:30pm at Foothills Unitarian Church, 1815 Yorktown Rd., Fort Collins, to learn more about this secular six-session course. The Power of Purpose is one of the most innovative […]

  • Get focused and get more done

    The Power of Purpose is one of the most innovative personal effectiveness programs ever developed. Unlike conventional goal-setting or time-management courses, it offers a unique experiential learning process that allows you to grasp the underlying purposes that limit or enhance your ability to get things done throughout your personal and professional life. You find out […]

  • Could you have written this memo?

    The following is a memo to key staff people from the CEO of a major Colorado corporation.   “I continue to be unhappy, as I’m sure you are, with the quality of our presentations. The material, on the whole, is excellent, reflecting well on our company and our products.   “Where we fail is in […]

  • Programs and Topics

    Programs & Topics Topics Developing Powers of Persuasion Mastery of Podium Panic Polishing and Refining Your Delivery Skills Vocal Quality and Enunciation Analyzing Your Audiences Defining Needs and Objectives Introductions of Speakers and Presentations Organizing Information for Impact Handling Questions with Poise & Accuracy Design and Use of Effective Visual Aids Programs Customized Coaching Based […]