How do you want to run your day?

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” – Jim Rohn

What if we ran our days like this? With grit and eyes looking forward, but also with gusto and a sense of play. Like “Wow, look what I get to do today!”

We humans sometimes think we’re slogging through life, especially work. We make our to-do lists – or we think to-do lists are a good idea. We get things done, but there’s always more. We just get by. We slog.

In the quote from Jim Rohn, we have a contrast. “Either you run the day or the day runs you,” he said. In other words, we can be proactive and set our own agenda – or we can be reactive and constantly trying to catch up. I prefer the idea of taking charge, even if it means taking some time to get organized and make a plan. But it still sounds like a slog, right?

For some folks making a plan sounds serious, like it’s time to buckle down. The photo of the dogs reminds us we can have our fun, too. We can run the day and enjoy doing it. “Sure, there’s water and I’m getting splashed, but I got the stick!”

Imagine if you chose to look at your life with a sense of purpose and a sense of play. How would things be different?

Not only do we have choices about what to do, we have choices about how we do it. How do you want to run your day?


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