Programs and Topics

Programs & Topics


  • Developing Powers of Persuasion
  • Mastery of Podium Panic
  • Polishing and Refining Your Delivery Skills
  • Vocal Quality and Enunciation
  • Analyzing Your Audiences
  • Defining Needs and Objectives
  • Introductions of Speakers and Presentations
  • Organizing Information for Impact
  • Handling Questions with Poise & Accuracy
  • Design and Use of Effective Visual Aids


  • Customized Coaching
    Based on the unique needs of your organization. We consult with your management team to provide a training program customized for your needs and objectives.
  • Open Enrollment
    Primarily for individuals, this intensive two-day seminar, is very popular with goal-oriented professionals! Call for dates.
  • Situational Solutions
    Are you grappling with a situation or issue that consulting can help resolve? This program is for you. Need specific coaching? Let us help.
  • Senior Executive Program
    This exclusive, customized program is for top-level senior executives – those who may be called upon to provide leadership for the organization in the face of internal and external challenges.

Our classes are small, allowing for personal attention to individual development. Participants learn by doing. Videotape review, along with instructor and class feedback, adds to the learning experience.
To read more about our Private Coaching click here.

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